Application Process

The key to the success of the Teach For Qatar model is its selective recruitment process, which helps identify whether applicants possess the characteristics and unique strengths needed to lead students to significant academic success.


Step 1 – Are you a good fit for the Teach For Qatar Fellowship?

Click here to read the section on Who We Look For before you begin your application. This is a very important step as we value applicants who understand the mission and vision of the organization. This question is reciprocal and you should think about how you fit into the program as well as how the program fits into your personal vision and professional goals. Please click here to contact the recruitment team if you have any questions before you start your application.


Step 2 - Online Application

This is your chance to reflect on your motivation for joining Teach For Qatar. You will need to submit:

  • Your personal information
  • Your academic history
  • A description of your leadership experience in short responses of 300 words each.
  • Your CV: we recommend you limit this to one page
  • If your first preference is to teach English as a subject, please complete your Application in English.
  • Before submitting your application, please read and understand the Hints and Tips.


Step 3 – Subject Knowledge Test

If you are successful at your online application you will be invited to come to the Teach For Qatar offices to sit for a Subject Knowledge Test to ensure your mastery of the subject matter of your choice. The test will be at the level of 7 and/or 8th grade English or Mathematics or Science, based on your preferred subject. 

If you are invited to the Subject Knowledge Test, you will receive more detailed information on how to prepare and the timeline to complete this step.


Step 4 - Phone Interview

If your online application is successful, you will have to sign up for a phone interview time slot through e-mail.

During the phone interview, you will speak with a Teach For Qatar selector for approximately 30 minutes about your motivation to join Teach For Qatar.

If your first preference is to teach English as a subject, your phone interview will be conducted in English

Before your phone interview, please read and understand the Hints and Tips.