Entry Requirements

Before you begin the registration form, you must acknowledge that you fit the criteria below, thus becoming eligible to apply for the Teach For Qatar Fellowship:

  • I will hold a bachelor's degree, but not in the field of education by June 2019
  • I understand that I will be eligible to teach a subject related to my undergraduate degree as per what is indicated in the Teaching Subject Eligibility below.
  • At the time of application, I have a valid Qatari residence permit
  • I understand that the Teach For Qatar Fellowship is a two year full-time paid job as a teacher
  • I am not currently a teacher or have not worked as a teacher in the past 
  • I speak English and Arabic fluently


* If you did not achieve or are not expecting to achieve a GPA of 3.0 or equivalent due to mitigating circumstances, please provide an explanation in the application form. Alternatively, if you are a Young Professional please tick the checkbox and clearly articulate your employment experience in the application form.

** Click here and scroll to the conversion table to find the UK equivalent of GP



Teaching Subject Eligibility

Throughout the Fellowship, Teach For Qatar provides pedagogical subject knowledge support. However, rigorous understanding of the subject that the Fellows will teach is key to having a greater impact on the students in our partner schools. Therefore, Teach For Qatar has taken the necessary steps to implement new subject eligibility requirements for teaching Mathematics and Science due to the technical demands that both subjects require.

English Mathematics Science
Graduates from all undergraduate fields (except education) are eligible to teach English on the Fellowship. To be eligible to teach Mathematics on the Fellowship, your undergraduate degree needs to be related to one of the following fields: To be eligible to teach Science on the Fellowship, your undergraduate degree needs to be related to one of the following fields:


Biological Sciences

If your field of study is not listed above, or you are unsure about your eligibility, please contact recruitment@teachforqatar.org