Fellowship FAQs

Am I eligible to apply for the Fellowship if I am currently a teacher or have studied education?

The Fellowship program, including the training and support elements, has been developed to attract and retain those who are currently not in the teaching field. As such, we are currently unable to accept applications from current or past teachers, or individuals who hold an undergraduate degree in education.

Will I receive enough training before I start teaching?

TFQ is a two year training program that starts with an intensive seven to eight week Summer Institute and continues with ongoing training and support for the duration of the placement. The Summer Institute is a rigorous training program that includes theoretical and practical teacher coaching. Additionally, it is during the Summer Institute where Fellows form a relationship with their individual seasoned mentors, who will guide them through their two-year placement.

What happens after the Fellowship?

Teach for Qatar works to empower Fellows to become influential community figures, in order to create systemic positive change in many different aspects of Qatar’s society.

We therefore work together with our Fellows to individually tailor their leadership development by providing contacts, connections, coaching, mentorship, training and career pathways across a range of opportunities.

How do I apply for Teach for Qatar?

To apply, please visit the application section on our website.

My GPA is less than 3.0, can I still apply?

While GPA is an important element of the recruitment criteria, we do however consider other important aspects of an individual’s abilities, including leadership skills and extracurricular activities. In the case of a young professional applicant, professional work experience is also considered.

When does the Fellowship start?

The Fellowship starts in June with the Summer Institute, which runs for eight weeks, allowing for a short break before the start of the academic year in September.

What language are lessons delivered in?

All instruction in independent schools is in Arabic. However, English will be taught in the English language. 

What subject(s) will I be teaching?

Working with our partner schools, we have identified Mathematics, Science and English as priority subjects. Therefore our Fellows are recruited and trained to teach one of those subjects. The subject chosen for each fellow is based on criteria defined by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to teach those subjects, and a Fellow’s individual skill set.

What grades will I be teaching?

Our current cohorts are teaching 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, however, our aim is to expand to more grades in the future.

How often will I interact with my mentor?

Fellows will interact with their mentors often, either by correspondence or through training and support functions provided by their mentors, including classroom observations, guided reflections and targeted development opportunities. Partner schools will also provide school-based mentors to support Fellows at their individual schools, which may also conduct their own in-house observations and teacher training.

Do I have to attend the entire training course?

Yes. The Summer Institute is an essential element of the Fellows’ preparation before they embark on their teaching journey. It is also when Fellows establish a solid relationship with their peers and mentors that will continue throughout their Journey to ensure they receive ongoing training and support.

Will I receive a salary during my placement?

Fellows receive salaries based on their contract with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. Seconded Fellows receive their salaries from their seconding organizations.

What determines which subjects I will teach?

What subject a Fellow teaches is based on matching the school’s needs with a Fellow’s skills and is subject to the Fellow meeting Teach For Qatar’s subject knowledge proficiency requirements.

Where will I be teaching? Can I choose my placement school?

Fellows are placed based on vacancies defined by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. Teach For Qatar cannot interfere in this process and cannot move a Fellow once they have been placed. 

Why does the Fellowship last for two years – can I teach for less?

Research conducted within the Teach For All network has shown that the two-year period is crucial to the lasting and positive impact individual teachers have on their students. Therefore, our Fellows are required to commit for the full period.