The Leadership Journey

The Journey Begins

Once Fellows have been accepted into the Teach For Qatar Leadership Journey, they will be invited to attend matriculation events that will enable them to meet other members of their cohort. They will also gain insight into the life inside the classroom through the perspective of Fellows from our previous cohorts.


Summer Institute:

Summer Institute begins in June and ends in August. Summer Institute runs for seven weeks and is an essential part of the Fellowship experience, as it is how Teach For Qatar nurtures the Fellows’ teaching and leadership skills and prepares them for their teaching placement. At Summer Institute, Fellows will be immersed in the theory of their subject matter. Here, they will build a supportive network of like-minded individuals and form a strong bond with their Program Manager, who will continue to support their development throughout the Fellowship. At Summer Institute, Fellows will also be equipped with the skills and knowledge they require to embark on a teaching journey that will impact at least 60 students a year.


Year 1

Once Fellows take up their school placement at the start of the academic year, they will be allocated a number of classes. Fellows will teach between 12-18 hours per week. Fellows will be treated like a regular full-time teacher employed by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and will therefore be expected to abide by their school’s policies and procedures. Teach For Qatar will provide Fellows with various forms of support for every step of their journey. They will be visited regularly by their Program Manager, who will guide their teaching development and empower them to have the greatest possible impact within their classroom. They will also receive support in the form of peer learning circles and Fellow Mentors.


Returners Institute

After completing the first year of the Journey, Fellows will return to join the next cohort for their Summer Institute in what is known as Returner’s Institute This will not only be a valuable opportunity for Fellows to reconnect with their peers, but also a chance to share their personal experiences with new Fellows. With a year of teaching experience under their belt, Fellows will have a lot to offer the new Fellows by talking about their strategies, challenges and success stories, which will inspire the new cohort to take full advantage of their own Summer Institute experience. The Summer gives Fellows the chance and space to reflect on their first year. It will also help them realize that the past year has not only enabled them to develop as a leader in the classroom, but has also given them insight  about themselves. Fellows will build upon the skills they acquired in Year 1, learn new ones and understand how to refine them to optimize their impact on their students. The challenges Fellows will face in their second year will not be the same as those they faced in the first, but their ability to evolve and innovate in the classroom will inspire their students to succeed all the same.


Year 2

Fellows will go back into the classroom with a fresh perspective as they seek to enhance their impact on every student. The skills, knowledge and leadership development they acquired during the first year will allow them to continue to inspire their students even further as they help them unlock their full potential. In their second year they will also begin their curriculum with HEC which aims to teach them career related skills such as change management, leadership and communication which will serve them well in pursuing any one of our four alumni pathways.