Stay in School


Teach For Qatar plays an important role in addressing some of the educational challenges in Qatar, including:

Shortage of local teachers:

Teaching is not currently considered a top career choice in Qatar and is undervalued by society as a profession, which means there is a low reinvestment of top graduates into the education system. However, this is something that Teach For Qatar is actively seeking to address by reinvesting top local graduates and professionals into the education system through the Leadership Journey, which also aims to promote the value of teaching and its importance to realizing the Human Development Pillar of the QNV 2030.

Low student motivation and engagement in the classrooms:

A 2012 study on K-12 education in Qatar conducted by the Social and Economic Survey Research Institute (SERSI) revealed that:

  • 50 percent of the students at government schools say they feel bored “most of the time” at school.
  • Another 41 percent of students at government schools either strongly or somewhat agree that they do not put their maximum effort into studying. [1]
  • A count of four indicators representing poor student motivation – being bored in school, not putting maximum effort into studying, being absent from school, and being late for school – reveals that 36 percent of the students in government schools exhibit chronic motivation problems. [2]

Teach For Qatar Fellows address the issue of low student engagement in the classroom and the lack of interest in the subject matter by teaching the curriculum in new and creative ways.